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Our mission is to fully meet your requirements with the sole objective of boosting and adding value to your business. Keeping this in mind, our small but highly proficient team establishes with you a tight relationship based on sharing an exchanging and working together with a network including the most reliable and proven external professionals as need arises, thus ensuring tailer-made solutions to your specific requests.

Event Management

From regular conferences to big company anniversaries, we invest our time and knowledge to make your event a success.

Always professional, our team meets your expectations and delivers customised solutions to the client. 


Media-planning, developing media strategies, help advising,…

Knowing the luxembourgish market allows us to help you chose the way you want to advertise yourself. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Medias are becoming essential, even inevitable if your aim is to reach potential clients and acquire them for your business porpouses. 

Corporate Communication

Need a hand in promoting your business?

Our consulting knowledge is based on 20 years of experience in marketing and advising.

We help you shape the future of your company by increasing its visibility and notority. 

Live streaming & Public Viewing

Corporate events, Sports happenings, Concerts, we have both the hardware and the experience to promote your event through streaming it on screens all over the world. 


Growing your visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Team Building

Through our team building activities and events we will help your employees create authentic and deep bonds.

We believe that sports create the most effective teamwork, and a healthy team is a well working team. 

Video, Photo & Audio Production

Professional productions allow your company a bigger impact and reach for a maximum of potential clients.

See our video productions in the section below. 


Every business needs to have a website; here at OPTIN we have cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Years of Experience

Organised Events

Team members

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